The Fairy Fixer

Is there an injured fairy in your house? Are you worried it won’t be able to look after itself? Call The Fairy Fixer for immediate action!

A fairy has been injured after doing a crash landing. The call for the Fairy Fixer has been sent and soon a newly trained Fairy Fixer arrives to catch the shy fairy and mend her broken wing. He will need lots of help from the children, and a little bit of magic.

So, what is this story about?
A Fairy Fixer has been called to rescue an injured fairy. Using his newly developed fairy tracking skills and some help from the audience, he uncovers fairy leaves, fairy dust and footprints and finally a small, sad fairy who needs help.

Duration: 35 minutes
Age Suitability: 3-5yrs
Capacity 60

What People Say

“He was very good at improvisation when the children kept interrupting him. He brought them back to the story, it was magical to see how involved they became with the story”

– County Meath Libraries Tour

“the pupils were very engaged throughout and really enjoyed the storytelling”

– County Meath Libraries Tour

“He was absolutely brilliant with the children and was very engaging, the children loved it!”

– County Meath Libraries Tour

“Great presenter – children were captivated, excellent use of props and sound effects pitched exactly at their level. Brilliant storytelling making the children use their imagination.”

– County Meath Libraries Tour


An ideal first theatre experience for 3-5 year olds.

A gentle and delightful show which will appeal to both boys and girls.

A family friendly show designed specifically for young audiences.

Children will be invited to participate in particular elements of the show if they so wish.

A must see show for those who love fairies.

The actor is sensitive to young audiences and can react quickly to ensure that audiences are comfortable and feel encouraged to engage in the performance.